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Neck Gator

neck gator   neck gator   yarn

I liked this yarn and had originally intended to make a scarf out of it. I didn't have enough for a scarf but the neck gator works just as well!

Yarn I used: Suss Lux in Cabernet 4a. (2 hanks = 4oz = 112 yards) (any Chunky yarn should do)
Hook: K/6.5
Gauge: not checked.
Finished size: 7" wide by 20.5" long (10.25" when finished)

Edit 02.20.08
I found after a few wears that I couldn't keep the gator over my mouth/nose in the cold--it just fell down. To fix it I ran a thin strand of elastic through the top to make it a little tighter but still soft & stretchy. I'd recommend doing something similar or making the whole thing a little shorter (assuming you don't have a huge melon head like me).

Chain 21 (or required number to reach about 7")
Turn. sc in 2nd chain from hook. SC across.
*Turn. ch 1. SC across.
Repeat from * until 20" long.
Sew or slst ends together. BO & weave in ends.

Super easy, super fast. Can be made in an evening. I like using a really soft yarn since it will be around your face.

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